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Terms and conditions

By purchasing and using sold services by Golfbettingexpert you accept in full these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them at all times.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use Golfbettingexpert, as local gambling law states.

Golfbettingexpert services are to be used by the named registered buyer, anyone found abusing this will be barred from the service.

Losses Incurred

Golfbettingexpert takes no responsibility for any losses incurred using the service. Previous performance is no guarantee of future success. Selections recommended do not guarantee financial gains and Golfbettingexpert accepts no responsibility when results are not as predicted.


All membership payments on Golfbettingexpert are processed by PayPal who are the legal retailer of online sold products. Payments can be made using all major credit cards. When you subscribe to any membership options you will be charged the relevant amount, after the agreed time period you will continue to be charged the same membership fee at the agreed interval you choose, one month or twelve months. You can cancel or upgrade your membership at any point in time.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available on any package sold on Golfbettingexpert, electronically shared information can be easily copied. It is our policy that once we have provided information to a member of Golfbettingexpert the sale is final and the member may not return information for a refund. In certain circumstances, Golfbettingexpert may extend a members service free of charge.

Piracy and Redistribution

Golfbettingexpert owns all the information and content within this website and its affiliated emails or adverts cannot be copied, rebroadcast or reproduced in any manner, printed or electronically via the internet. Legal action will be taken under these circumstances unless written consent has been given from Golfbettingexpert.

Code of Conduct

Golfbettingexpert will not accept or tolerate any form of abuse via email, social media or any other medium. We reserve the right to cancel any members service immediately.