Golf Betting Expert

How I founded Golf Betting Expert


Welcome to GolfBettingExpert my name is Craig Walker and I am the founder of this golf betting tipster service. I would like to introduce myself to you all and tell you about how it all began.

And so it began

I first got a taste for betting from my father, when I was in my late teens. He used to have a weekly bet at his local bookmakers every Saturday, so that he could watch the horse racing on the tv in the afternoon, I was intrigued and I enjoyed the buzz of cheering on his horses.

Father like son, come legal gambling age, I would have a an occasional bet myself.  I had some decent wins, but like 99% of punters I lost more than I ever won.

Like a duck to water

When I was in my early twenties I applied to become a cashier at an independent bookmakers, as I loved sports and betting. For me it was the perfect job, as I had a knack at interacting with the customers, being very social myself.

I had a passion for all sports and my knowledge of placing bets became very useful as I was able to help novice or new customers, as well as helping other members of staff manually settle bets correctly. 


Moving to golf

In my eleven years of working in a high street betting shop, I gained more experience of the betting industry and soon discovered that betting on horses was not profitable, unless you were well in the know.

Spurred on, I tried to look for another avenue to make money from betting. I turned my attention to betting on golf tournaments in early 2000, because although my golf knowledge was limited at the time, there was one player dominating and winning most major tournaments at the time, the great Tiger Woods, who in my opinion is the best sportsman in the modern era, and the most naturally gifted player ever to pick up a golf club.



End of a legacy

I was officially hooked to golf betting as a result, but as we know in life, things are not that simple, as Tiger Woods started getting injured more and his price for each tournament  was starting to become more unattractive (Bad Value). He also wasn't able to dominate tournaments anymore, as there were a lot more talented players coming through the ranks, ready to aspire to be the next Tiger Woods. 

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

I had to try and innovate and change the way I approached my golf betting, by looking for more value in the golf outright winner market each week. This would involve spending more time on studying the form of players, course form and various tour stats.

Using these methods has helped me to carry on making profits betting on golf. 


Helping others achieve success

After years of gaining golf betting experience and consistently profiting from golf betting I wanted to help other golf betting enthusiasts to make money betting on golf. I decided to start proofing my personal golf selections to the betting tipster platform BettingGods, who were on the lookout for professional sports betting tipsters to join their network. My three month proofing period went exceptional well, averaging over £500 profit per month.

Turning Pro

I was then launched onto the betting gods network in April 2016. The service was called Golf Betting Expert, the name I have kept ever since. In the three and a half years working on the Betting Gods platform, I helped many people win a lot of money with a string of fantastic informed predictions.

The good and the bad

As with all predictions, you can't win the all - and I had my share of poor months mixed in with the good ones, but it's all about staying level headed through the good and bad runs of form, sticking to your stakes/betting bank, trusting in your methods and research and most importantly of all is to treat your golf betting as a long term investment (better than most savings interest rates).


The start of

In October 2019 I left Betting Gods, after a few disagreements over the running of my service. I then decided to start a private mailing service, after I was inundated with messages of support from my former Betting Gods members, encouraging me to carry on my profitable golf betting tipster service.

I also started providing my selections on two other betting tipster platform websites, Tipping Gurus and Betting Family, as well as providing weekly previews for Betting School. 

One Home, One Community

In early 2020 I started making big future plans, for my golf betting service, as I felt the experience and expertise I have gained, it was now the right time to set up and run my own business and website, so that golf betting expert can finally have one home and one place to expand our community. 

This exciting new website, will provide all golf betting enthusiasts the opportunity to access my expert golf betting information, on a more personal and professional platform.